onsdag den 4. juni 2014

Preperation for the next World Cup: Laval France!

The World Cup show is in Canada and USA right now. I could not afford to go, so I train intensively before going to the next european World Cup in Laval France. 
I really like the style in these competitions and after two comps this year I finally feel like it is getting "easier". It feels like you have to get use to the way you move on the boulders. It's impossible to power through. Sometimes you get rewarded if you really concentrate and do a balancy move slowly and relaxed. And other times you get spanked if you dont give 100 percent in a certain power move.
Anyway, I am totally addicted to the whole thing and one season I want to compete in all the competitions. 

The two weeks with Grindelwald and Innsbruck was special. I was sitting back home, more psyched than ever before, with no money to go to the competitions and in a pretty good shape. I could not see how the dream of going to the competitions would come true. Katrine Vandet Salling wanted to compete too, so we started to ask for financially help. 

Copenhagen Boulders started a donation for us. A lot of people helped us by raising 3000KR! I would like to say thank you to everybody who helped us. It made the difference and we got some great experiences.   
Furthermore FVHolding helped us making this possible - Thanks! 

Grindelwald: First qualification boulder

Grindelwald: Difficult match on the last qualification boulder

Innsbruck: balancy move catching the small left chip while smearing on the blue volume

Innsbruck: crimpy roof making the split for the semifinals

Tricky double dyno. Left hand sloper and right hand crimp.. tricky

Innsbruck: Coordinated, dynamic move making it hard to get to the top

Innsbruck: last, greasy qualification boulder

I am psyched for the competition in Laval. It feels like it is just a matter of time before I make it to semifinals. I am staying in shape and hoping for the best!


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