tirsdag den 24. juni 2014

IFSC Boulder World Cup Laval!

Here we go again!

I just finished the last training session before flying to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris tomorrow. Next World Cup competition is this weekend in Laval, France, and Katrine Vandet Salling and I are competing.
This is the 3rd world cup in this season for both of us. We are ready to try our best and try to make up for the mistakes we made last time.

I have been training intensively for the last month and I feel in better shape than at the last world cup. I hope the competition day will be perfect for me and that I can make it to semifinals this time.

There will be live streaming from semi finals and finals. Lets hope there will be two danish competitors on the screen this time!

Here is the program for the live stream:

Follow THIS link to view the finals saturday 20:30!


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