mandag den 9. december 2013

Kjugekull 7-8 december

I just had what I would call the best day of my life on Kjugekull! Everything worked out, I played perfectly on the rock and had great people around me.

6 people, one Caravelle and only one place to go on a cold weekend day - Kjugekull! I have a long todo-list of boulderproblems that I need to do in order to feel like I am moving forward in my bouldering.
Some of the boulderproblems on the list were the targets for the day.

As we drove from Copenhagen we met very bad weather. Heavy snow and clouds. But 20 mins. before arriving at Kjugekull everything changed in our favor and the weather was perfect. Cold temps and clear blue sky with the sun warming these 6 diehard fools.

I warmed up on Store Bjørn 7B+. Felt very good, but the friction was not really great. I knew that I could do at least one of the problems on my list.

First up was the famous Lajfstajl 8A, put up by Carl-Ola Boström back in the old days. I knew what I had to do.. I went there alone with two pads and my camera. I chalked up the holds and went for a warm up try. I climbed to the final move easily and fell off the last, long move. I felt good, but the last crimp was so greasy. I chalked it up again.
This time I really crimped the hold. In the last second I changed my mind and went for another beta. Stupid idea that led to another fall.

Then something weird happened. I visualised my body climbing the problem, easily and with great confidence, in the next try. I was so convinced that I would do it next try that I felt almost relieved - it was like; "I have already done it so now I will just do one more try for fun!". I chalked up and climbed Lajfstajl 8A as predicted.

After the send I knew that I could do one more. So with two pads on my back and the camera ready I went to try Aerodynamite Low 8A. If I could do two 3 star boulderproblems, on Kjugekull, in this difficulty, in one day, I would be so happy!

I chalked up the holds. I remembered the moves from other tries. The boulder has one very awkward cross to a friction pinch followed by a lockoff to a crimp and then finishing off with Aerodynamite stand start.

I knew that I had to pinch as hard as possible to hold on. After two tries I found a small crystal for the right hand pinky. With that small detail I could squeeze super hard and suddenly the move felt easy. And after some controlled deadpoint catches on the top slopers I found myself on top of the second, hard boulderproblem that day!

So, now I started thinking.. What if I can continue this crush-mode through the rest of the forest?! What boulderproblem should be next?
On top of my todo-list is Huggsexa Sit Start 8B. It is super good moves on small crimps. Perfect compression testpiece.

My mind started to trick me.. I knew that I had tried the line with no luck before. I had fallen off the last move around 10-15 times. It is so mental for me. But I knew that this day would get even better with that tick. So once again I packed the pads and the camera. The whole group went to the boulder to climb Fin Areten, Sonic and Huggsexa Sit.
I got right on working the moves. Did some burns to remember the perfect sequence. I chalked up and tried from the sit. 3 tries later and 3 times rejected from the topout - falling of the last move.

I packed my stuff and accepted the fact that the battle should continue. I would be back the next morning to finish off this beautiful line.

The next morning we woke up to heavy snow. We went directly to Huggsexa, but the snow was everywhere and increased heavily every minute.. I warmed up on the first 5 moves, waisting no time. Rested a bit and knew that I would only have one good go before the snow would be too much. I started off. My skin was feeling sore from the day before - I did not want to let go, so I crimped a bit harder.

The try was almost perfect. Once again I fell off the lip. It was super wet.

The day ended in Copenhagen Boulders with a plastic session to "recover" from the snow.
I will return to Huggsexa Sit Start with regained psyche in the nearest future!


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