søndag den 24. maj 2015

IFSC European Championship 2015 and preparations for 1st & 2nd Boulder World Cup in Toronto and Vail!

I had an amazing start of this season!

Finishing 1st after nationals I was confident that I could get a semi final spot in the IFSC European Championship 2015 in Innsbruck last weekend.
I felt strong and climbed really well in the Qualification and ended up 22 in my group (Results).

There were a lot of power moves and I felt like I was strong enough to play along. Ended up failing on the slab, which didn't fell so difficult at first, but it's easy to get too confident when you have to focus.

Foto: Sytse Van Slooten

Foto: Sytse Van Slooten

Foto: Sytse Van Slooten

Before the next events I have been focusing a lot on coordination training and balance training. I have also tuned in on my mental training and tried to prepare as much as possible for the next events.  

Now its 2 days before I fly out to Canada to compete in this years first IFSC Boulder World Cup in Toronto. I am super psyched to get the chance to compete in these competitions. The only reason this is possible is because of the support I get from my sponsor Orgreen Optics. I am really grateful that they believe in what I do and it makes me focus even more on my goals!


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