onsdag den 29. april 2015

1st place @ Danish Boulder Championship 2015

To work really hard to be able to controle every little aspect of a moment is fantastic when the moment comes and you are not surprised by anything and can controle the outcome with surplus.

Thats short for how I experienced The Danish Boulder Championship 2015.

It's fairly easy to build a machine, I have come to that conclusion, but it's much more complex to thrive to master your own mind in a competition situation. The mental game is everything and I found that being able to controle myself gives me the opportunity to climb at my actual level all the time.

Peter Thulstrup filmed some of my attempts in the Qualification and Final round. I managed to flash all 6 Qualification boulders, and all 4 Final boulders. With a perfect run I stated that I have started working on my mental game.

Taking 1st place in this competition 2 years in a row is a really nice feeling and I look forward to the rest of this competition season!

Watch the videos:

So with the machine in place, there's only chess left..

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